Game deck


We often find a set of games in places such as resorts, waiting for us on the shelves. We all knew them, and we expect a familiar feeling to take over our time and spend a warm moment with our loved ones. We also know them so much that our curiosity is left behind. To offer an enjoyable time playing game is a question of familiarity, enough to keep our lazy-vacation mode unloose by offering something enough familiar to feel comfortable, but also, retaining a sense of newness, essential to sparkle our interest and curiosity.

This micro-architecture stands as a game deck, encompassing a balance between familiar and novelty, to engage the guests to enjoying a fun and unique moment in a Maldivian resort.

Cora-game deck

Reinterpreting the familiar

Gathered on one deck of 5 meters square, three renown games : Jenga ; Twister ; Ring toss, are reinterpreted through the island singularity.
The outside areas are dedicated for the game practice, the Twister spreading on a triangle corner, the Jenga on the other side or behind the deck, and the Ring toss placed vertically on the wall with its shape reminding of the coral, present in the lagoon. The central sheltered space is used for storage with the rings, the giant jenga and the twister board

Highlighting the flora and fauna

To adopt the island universe, colours landed from the resort brand are used for the counting points and are associated with significant elements of the island such as coconut, lizard, shark, and coral. A small “fun fact” about each symbol is written inside the shelter to involve the guest into discovering the island phone and flore.

Playful circulation

The deck fosters a playful circulation between both games, the inside-outside of the shelter and behind its structure perimeter. It includes a vegetal spot extending the existing foliage to its platform, creating a sense of connection to the surrounding. Both running kids crossing the platform and couples sitting near the greens can enjoy a pleasant moment on this singular deck.

June 2021 - Cora Cora Maldives