Garden villa


How to conciliate privacy while keeping a relationship between indoor / outdoor. This study is exploring different typologies to incorporate this concept, each of the villas situated in the heart of a tropical island, among vegetation and walking paths.

Long type 1

The low window brings an intimate feeling in the sleeping room, separated from the office area by a different height. Yet, the high windows make sure to enjoy a reasonable amount of daylight. The central furniture works as a transition between the two spaces while maintaining a visual connection.

Long type 2

The ceiling blinds allow both a feeling of privacy and a strong connection to the outdoors. Its extension to the ground plays with the vegetation visually present in the bathroom and the entrance terrace. The furniture here has a role of partition between the two areas sleeping - lounge and working.

Alternated level type

The three semi levels work as a gradation to privacy, with the entrance opening on the bathroom and stairs, the intermediate level is extended to a terrace where we can rest or work. And the last floor welcomes the sleeping area. The shelve is spread to the entire side wall so it can be used at all the heights.

Patio type

With more separations than the previous ones, the villa is mostly opened on the outdoor bathroom. The bedroom benefits from an entire privacy and the openings in the living - working area fosters concentration and calm.


Nested double type

This villa has been thought of as a compact double unit, with a mirrored volume so that privacy is kept for both habitants despite the immediate proximity.
The windows have been placed to open on the same unit space like the bathroom or on the opposite roof.
By nesting these units one on another, the room use is thought to be on the opposite side for noise privacy. For example, the bed area is situated on top of the other unit's living room so it usually doesn't interfere at the same time. Moreover, the straight staircase is the most compact type which helps to keep the volume compact. The entrances are on the opposite side as well, to avoid the impression of sharing a building with another person.

June 2021 - Cora Cora Maldives